Karen Alexandra Beauty & Well-Being Tonbridge COVID-19 practices

Please carefully read the below information prior to attending Karen Alexandra Beauty & Well-Being Tonbridge - thank you xxx

What you can expect from me -


I will be providing a Hand Sanitiser station for use before entering and when leaving my treatment room - Anno 80% alc WHO recommended formula


I will be washing my hands even more frequently when required throughout your treatment and will follow this with an application of Anno hand sanitiser


I will be leaving 10 minute gaps between each client’s visit to allow complete cleaning and sanitisation of surfaces and tools used during the previous appointment.


I will be wearing  a visor or a visor and mask depending on the treatment or procedure.


I will be wearing disposable gloves and an apron during treatments when appropriate.


Unfortunately I am currently not permitted to provide you with any beverages during your time with me.

If you wish to bring your own, please do.


If I feel at all unwell I will need to re-schedule your appointment.


If I develop any of the symptoms associated with Covid-19 I will request a test immediately and, if positive, close my business for 2 weeks and inform all of my clients from the previous 7 days.



Measures required of you


Please do not knock on my door or ring my doorbell. Instead please use your car or the chair I am providing on my driveway, as the waiting room.


I WILL SEND YOU A TEXT to invite you inside. If you do not have a mobile phone please wait to be notified when to enter safely.

If my front door is closed please remain at lease 2 meters (preferably in your car or seated outside) from the front door before my room is cleaned and prepared for you.


You MUST attend every appointment wearing a mask. If this is not possible or should you forget to bring one, I will be selling disposable paper masks for £1 each.


You MUST apply hand sanitiser before entering and leaving my treatment room. Anno Hand Sanitiser will be available if you require more throughout your appointment.


Unfortunately my toilet facilities will be closed, barring emergencies, until further notice to prevent unnecessary cross-contamination.


Due to the need for increased ventilation within my treatment room I will be opening more doors and windows than usual. You may want to bring a cardigan etc. incase you get chilly.


I will only be allowing ONE PERSON AT A TIME into my treatment room until further notice.


Unfortunately children will no longer be able to wait in my hallway or be left unaccompanied on my driveway unless in your car which is at your discretion.


If I do not already have them on file I will be asking for your current address, phone number and email address. All your details will then be left on file for a minimum of 21 days and made available for Test and Trace purposes if required.


Although I will not be asking my individual client’s these questions I will expect you to make me aware should you answer YES to any one of the following, no matter how subtle your symptoms are and cancel your appointment if necessary:

Are you experiencing a new, persistent cough?

Are you experiencing a high temperature?

Are you suffering from a recent loss of taste or sense of smell?

Have you been in contact with anyone with symptoms or someone who has been diagnosed with Covid-19 in the last 2 weeks?


If you feel at all unwell please reschedule your appointment and remain at home.


I am happy to accept CASH PAYMENTS if you have the exact amount, I will not be able to issue change.

Payment can also be made by CARD or better still, a BANK TRANSFER to avoid unnecessary cross contamination.


Failure to adhere to these measures will result in the cancellation of your appointment.



Thank you so much for your patience and understanding at this time and I very much look forward to seeing you here again, or if it is your first visit, at Karen Alexandra Beauty Tonbridge xxx



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