Permanent Cosmetics                             WHAT'S INVOLVED

The decision to undergo a Permanent Cosmetic Procedure is not a simple one and one that should not be rushed into.


I would always advise you to give this decision as much thought and carry out as much research as you possibly can before booking your appointment.

Please feel free to call me to discuss any aspect of the procedure without any obligation, free of charge.



Whichever treatment you choose you will need to have a minimum of 2 bookings to achieve the desired result.


The initial treatment involves an extensive consultation, colour and design choice plus the tattooing, a process that is never rushed.


The second appointment is carried out 4-6 weeks later, once the area is fully healed and the skin renewed, to assess pigment retention.


All necessary tatooing is carried out to perfect the final look.


Further appointments are possible within a further 4-6 weeks time frame depending on the colour retention which is subject to many factors.


Once you are happy with the finished result, how often you wish to top up and maintain the result is up to you.

The 'colour boost' can be carried out any time onwards from 6 months after your final appointment.


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